The Future of Health in Brazil post-pandemic Covid 19

“Growth and development are consequences of experience and learning and nothing like a sabbatical to make us rethink how we did it, how we are doing it and how we can improve the way we do it. Perhaps the term sabbatical is not quite appropriate, as in the current concept it is a period of rest from work to deepen self-knowledge, which seems not to be the case in the Covid-19 Pandemic, working excessively, without having time to organize and implement the necessary discipline. We can use the term if we refer to the Old Testament, where sabbatical was the period when the land was left without cultivation, after a fertility cycle. In this sense, we can consider that the world economy stopped because of a virus. The cycle of economic fertility brought development, but also destruction, because the ambition, greed, and lack of empathy caused the human being to leave aside the essence of his survival. So, the Earth stopped and made us rethink whether we are taking care of the Planet, of our health, eating, exercising, and breathing in healthy ways, taking care of the professional, physical, and emotional balance.

In the Health Area in Brazil it was no different, the fertility cycle generated infrastructure, technology, and professional development, but it also generated social inequalities, waste of inputs and structural imbalance. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world realized that Health is on the verge of collapse and needs to restructure. Learning from the mistakes and successes of the past and the experience with the trauma of the Crisis generated by Pandemic will lead us to a better Health Model. We need to do it differently to achieve the goal of Taking Care of People’s Health, Adding Value to Everyone, without distinction of classes or social segmentation. Destructive Innovation will be the order to find different paths, simpler, without waste for a Health System with sufficient efficiency, effectiveness, and structure. As Clayton Christensen himself says “Creative Destruction”, it means destroying the previous cycle to create a new Market. Health professionals making appropriate use of resources and technology, associated with individual engagement in health care, will be the bridge to innovate in a Health Model capable of permeating its entire chain, including Promotion, Prevention and Health Care with Quality Excellence for the preservation of people’s lives ”.         

Fábio Sinisgalli

CEO Healthcare Alliance

Boas Práticas em PCI – Cuidados de Longa Permanência, Residências e Casas de repouso

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