The Future of Health in Brazil after Covid-19

The Role of the Board of Directors and the Leader

Until months ago, it was difficult to imagine a crisis with such a social, economic and cultural upheaval in society. It was certainly not on the agenda of the CEOs and the Boards of Directors to conduct a crisis with such dimension and impact.

And yet without dominating the current moment of the Covid-19 Crisis, they are already driven to instinctively lead a future that tends to have a completely uncertain design. The disease now installed in the world, with incomparable health and care effects, surprised even science. And the emotional, cultural, social, and economic dimensions compromised by the ignorance of the effects resulting from this pandemic, in fact should motivate the Leaders and the Councils to go beyond the planning thought in the medium and long term. However, it requires their sensitivity to make important changes and adjustments in companies, so that they flourish in environments where clients and people will have their values modified.

The Covid-19 crisis poses specific challenges for the Boards of Directors. Previously modeled for face-to-face meetings, with remarkable accountability rituals, they now assume a greater role in the implementation of business leverage alternatives. As well as, the purpose of getting even closer to CEOs, through virtual meetings, with an emphasis on short-term strategies, and with a dedicated eye to the clear understanding of the need to humanize relationships and organizational processes, where cultural and social principles everyday practices come together to preserve the physical and emotional integrity of its employees. These must be the umbrellas under which the actions of the leaders will be aligned, regardless of the difficult decisions – some inevitable – that will have to be taken in this period, in an almost daily intervention in the planning and management of organizations.

The concern of CEOs with the human side of organizations must be aligned with the purpose of any business, but with Covid-19, it is even more latent. To be a human leader is to be guided by an empathetic understanding of the reality of others. It is to create psychological safety environments for all employees. It means being available and communicating clearly and recurrently about the decisions made by companies.

You cannot have the illusion that surviving the crisis will be enough. For many sectors, the new normal will require a new company, new processes, products and value propositions and there will be no time to wait for the crisis to pass to understand what these necessary innovations will be. The current crisis has come to select the best. You need to think and build your future today. In this sense, the stronger, connected, and visionary the Boards of Directors and Leaders are, and the more open they are to changes, the greater the chances of mitigating business risks.

Therefore, it is up to the Boards and CEOs to ensure that companies are not only reactive to the crisis, but that they are redesigned for the future.

Luci Emidio

CEO – Hospital Santa Marta / Board of Directors

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